Joseph uses his unique intersections of life experiences to engage groups of all ages and backgrounds. Using a combination of poetry, workshops, and multimedia tools, he crafts sessions that touch on topics including arts as activism, positive self-image, and substance abuse recovery and prevention.

We will always be half‐winged angels, imperfect and incapable of flight. My angels, jump anyway. Dive every day for the possibility of feeling the wind of greatness across your face just once before you die...
— -Dive Every Day Project

Joseph uses art to stimulate conversation, and real life examples, including his own, to illustrate the potential we all possess for sincere and profound human revolution. In 2012 he started the Dive Every Day Project, an interactive performance series created with the intent of opening dialogue around the topic of substance abuse and recovery. Joseph put together a catalog of work dealing directly with these issues, drawing from personal and family experiences. Using his poetry as a sounding board, he has facilitated conversations with both teens and adults. Dive Every Day serves to be a tool of inspiration and guidance for all who encounter it and is a testament to self-forgiveness and the unconditional love of family and friends.  

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Through his honesty, sincerity, and sheer presence, he held captive the attention of all present, both youth and staff alike. He was humble and real in speaking about his life experiences and encouraged the youth to allow the people placed in their lives to support and help them. Our program manager was so impressed that she invited him back to be a part of our agency holiday celebration, where he again touched the hearts and minds of those present. Mr. Green has shown himself to be truly passionate about sharing his life through the art of spoken word and teaching. He has been a blessing and we look forward to continued opportunities to have him work with our youth.
— Katrina Combs Group Life Coordinator, Family Advocacy Services